VuTech Memo Holders

VuTech also provides another innovative product called the VuTech Memo Holder. This device has proven to be an extremely effective promotional /community awareness piece, or as an appreciation item given to teachers, employees, etc. Below are examples of this device with an optional imprinted logo (available in five colors as shown). As a sales tool this device is a very efficient and cost-effective method of keeping a company’s name in front of its prospects /existing customers.

For example, at the conclusion of most presentations the company’s spokesperson gives out their promotional items with a business card. Unfortunately their card often ends up in a business card book, or Rolodex soon to be forgotten along with every other business card. Proactive organizations, however, are utilizing the VuTech Memo Holder with their own imprinted company logo as a “high impact” method of delivering business cards and promotional materials, while at the same time keeping THEIR COMPANY’S name in front of their potential and existing customers. Because the Memo Holder is a unique device, which every person will easily find useful in their office, the Memo Holder (with your company’s logo and phone number) is literally displayed right in front of your valued clients/prospects every day!

Your company logo can be printed in up to three colors on base units, which are available in five different colors The versatile VuTech Memo Holder is available in an adhesive or magnetic backing so they can be attached to almost any surface. ORDER NOW

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