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The Display Bars by VuTech provide a dynamic and cost effective alternative to bulletin boards, display cabinets, tripods and a host of other traditional methods being used to display items such as banners, posters, laminated items, varying sized documents, artwork, graphs, maps, announcements, lab results, patient care instructions, etc.

Welcome to the home of the VuTech Display Bar. This unique product, which utilizes a patented technology, has for over a decade revolutionized the way a host of visual items are being displayed by educational institutions, hospitals, libraries, convention centers, stadiums, conference rooms, recreational centers, and a wide variety of other facilities.

Eliminate costly damage to walls and other facility surfaces, as well as the materials being displayed. Simply attach the patented VuTech Display Bar to virtually any surface, using either a state of the art industrial adhesive, or a magnetic backing. Then insert the materials to be displayed into the Display Bar, including even multiple copies in stacks up to1/8 inch thick. Once inserted all the items are held firmly in place by counter-balanced rows of patented “Gripping Rubber Fingers” inside the bars. To release items simply pull down and out at a forty-five degree angle.

The VuTech Display System is available in stock sizes of 6 inches, 9 inches, and 18 inches, and foot long increments including 1 foot, 2 foot, 3 foot, 4 foot, 5 foot, and 6 foot sizes. Display Bars can be ordered in non-stock sizes for an additional fee. For each non-stock size there is a recalibration fee of $10.00, plus the cost of the Display Bar, to custom cut as many non-stock items as the buyer needs.

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Forget stick pins, tape, tacks, glue, Velcro, cork tack strips, display cabinets, bulletin boards, or tripods as methods of mounting, or displaying materials in your facility! Simply and effectively display virtually any important office/classroom visual item. Display Bars with the magnetic backing are perfect for use on metal-based whiteboards, file cabinets, doors, elevator walls, paper towel dispensers, and many other metal surfaces. The adhesive backing can be used on smooth surfaces including glass, as well as irregular surfaces such as textured drywall, brick, and cinder block.

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